Referral Xchange

Refer a Business - Get $100

Send us names of relatives, friends and business associates that show an interest in our credit and debit card processing program. If your referral becomes a Chase Paymentech customer, we will deposit $100 into your merchant account.

How It Works

To qualify for the $100 award, merchants that submit referrals:

  • Must be processing transactions with Chase Paymentech at the time of the referral
  • Must submit a complete Referral XChange form prior to the signed agreement date of the merchant you are referring
  • May not refer any business in which you are an owner or officer.

Answers to all questions are required except those marked as optional.

Information About You

Your Business Name (as printed on your merchant statement)

Email Address

First Name

Telephone Number

Last Name

Your Chase Paymentech sales representative (Optional)

Information About Your Referral

Business Name

Street Address

Contact First Name


Contact Last Name


Email Address (Optional)

Postal Code

Telephone Number

By submitting this form, you represent that the merchant that you are referring has specifically asked to be contacted by Chase Paymentech by telephone or email for merchant account services and has agreed to have his or her information provided to Chase Paymentech for this purpose.

Referred customers must be credit approved and must sign a merchant agreement in a form acceptable to Chase Paymentech. Chase Paymentech reserves the right to refuse to sign a merchant agreement with a referred customer. Referred customers must begin accepting Visa/MasterCard credit card payments through Chase Paymentech within 6 months of our receipt of your completed referral form. **Chase Paymentech will pay you a one-time referral bonus of one hundred ($100) Canadian dollars if your referral becomes a customer of Chase Paymentech. One referral fee per merchant. The one time referral bonus will be applied to your merchant account with Chase Paymentech within 120 days following the date your referral becomes a customer of Chase Paymentech and begins processing payments in accordance with the terms and conditions provided in this document. Referral fees are payable only for businesses which become a customer of Chase Paymentech as a result of the contact information you provide to Chase Paymentech under this program, and not for any existing customers of Chase Paymentech or customers which Chase Paymentech may receive as a result of its general sales efforts or any ISO, agent, or other third party, without use of the information provided to us by you. Chase Paymentech reserves the right to change and/or cancel the Referral XChange Program at any time for any reason. Please contact 1-800-265-5158 with any questions.