Payment Gateway

Whether you operate a basic storefront or a highly sophisticated ecommerce environment, our flexible, secure and customizable Orbital® Payment Gateway offers you online payment processing. We provide all processing, technology, billing, service and customer support you need to get started.

With Orbital Payment Gateway you can:

  • Accept MasterCard®, Visa®, Discover Network®, American Express® and gift cards
  • Save money and time with easy, flexible implementation options
  • Automate your recurring payments and improve cash flow
  • Secure your customer data and boost compliance efforts
  • Eliminate data entry errors when you retrieve pre-existing customer profiles
  • Gain peace of mind with seamless, secure connectivity
  • Select services to help you better manage your payments, regardless of your company’s industry or size

Improve Cash Flow with Recurring Payments

With Orbital Managed Billing, you can collect payments automatically and regularly — and improve your cash flow. You can also run special promotions and:

  • Capture sales that would otherwise be lost, by recycling declined authorizations
  • Deliver emails to your customers, alerting them to key events in their payment cycle
  • Gain new insights into your business with a comprehensive set of reports detailing all aspects of your flexible payment operations

Store Customer Data Securely

Our Customer Profile Management module, part of the Orbital Payment Gateway, offers security — with convenience. Customer data is housed off-site, so there’s no need to store account data or re-key it in order to process a repeat customer purchase. You can also simply and securely process payments by using an assigned profile number when you create a customer profile. Even better, this option is also Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

Flexible Integration Options

Orbital Payment Gateway provides multiple integration options allowing you to find the best fit for your business. You can integrate with leading hosted ecommerce storefronts as well as our streamlined payment processing solutions, eliminating the need for additional development.

Batch Processing

Batch processing, offered as part of Orbital Payment Gateway, lets you process multiple payments quickly and efficiently. This can simplify your administration processes and improve reporting for high volume card-not-present transactions as well as one-time or recurring credit card transactions. Through our Gateway, you can authorize and settle all MasterCard, Visa, American Express and other major credit card transactions.

Streamline Your Business Processes

Streamline your receivables processing with automated processing. Both data entry and customer look-up is fast and simple using a web interface that allows you to easily import or export customer payment records. This batch processing service also allows you to control access to your system functions, since it supports passwords and user-defined IDs. Settlement and reporting features include:

  • Direct deposit of authorized MasterCard and Visa sales into your business account
  • Secure file transfers (with 128 bit SSL encryption)
  • Detailed reporting of authorized and settled transactions you can access online or via response files
  • Card Verification Data (CVD) validation (supported)
  • Downloadable reports that can be seamlessly imported to your applications
  • Individual cardholder records that help simplify account reconciliation
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