Credit Card Fraud Prevention and Security

Credit Card Fraud Prevention and Security

You’ve worked hard to build your business — so it’s important to make sure you secure your success by protecting your customer payment card data. Fraud is on the rise, and it's becoming more complex. Your customers depend on you to keep their information safe — the good news is that there are established ways to help you do just that. It’s important to start by complying with industry standards such as Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). Here we offer information and tip on PCI Compliance and other fraud prevention solutions with your business security in mind.

Chip and PIN Technology

Chip and PIN cards offer an additional layer of security and reduce chargebacks. Learn more about how this technology can help protect cardholder information:

Avoid Fraud

How can you avoid fraud at checkout? Read these tips and review best practices:

Account Number Truncation

When just the last four numbers on a card appear on a printed cardholder receipt, it is known as Account Number Truncation (also called Card Masking). Learn more:

PCI Data Security

Learn how to become — and remain — compliant with PCI-DSS: